About us


The company has been created after the finding of a few formulae that the alchemists – perfumists were using in Al-Andalus in the XIIth to XVth century. This company was a lover of the luxury, the beauty and of the well-being with his hammam (baths), his fragrant gardens full of fragrant plants even in the constructions of the architecture nazarí one was dedicating a decorative specific element for the sense of the so called smell “tacas”. This decorative element was serving to contain small jars with perfumes, incense, plants, perfumed resins, etc. With the aim to perfume the stays. It demonstrates the great importance that had the perfume for that epoch …. The perfumes there were sold by merchants specialists who were travelling both to the Moslem Kingdom of Granada and to the Christian Kingdom of Castille.

The company puts to your scope a few perfumes that they gather to know and the exquisite taste of that one at the time, joining it with of nowadays to offer them perfumes of the highest quality.

We do not do copies of any class of any existing perfume, being all his perfumes of author, original, handmade, without any ingredient of animal origin.

Every formula is created by hand, one to one, the times of maceration are respected meticulously, his perfumes are created  with care and passion, entirely created and produced in Andalusia.

Perfumes of Andalusia for the world!